Embark on a seafaring adventure

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With its realistic sailing mechanics, deep crew management system, and procedurally-generated map, Maritime Calling has great potential for success. The mechanics are well-conceived, and the blend of roguelike and management simulation gameplay offers a novel approach to a familiar genre. At this stage of development, Maritime Calling is not without bugs, but that is to be expected and is likely to change by launch later this year. For now, this seafaring adventure is worth keeping an eye on.
Maria Meluso
A staff game guide and game review writer for Screen Rant
Alpha playthrough from Nookrium
Alpha playthrough from Hank Indie Games
Nikita Veselov
Captain (Game Director)
Nikita is a seasoned captain, responsible for plotting ship’s course and commanding troops in game design battles.
Konstantin Mikushin
Quartermaster (CEO)
Konstantin is an expert quartermaster, who makes sure the ship is running smoothly, that we are on time and on budget.
Romeo Lovchikov
Sailing Master (Programmer)
Romeo is the one that makes sure captain’s orders become a reality. He steers our code ship away from the bug reefs and plots the course into the featureland.
Denis Smirnov
Boatswain (Programmer)
Denis is the crew overlord responsible for sailors performance and whips them from their sins and silly mistakes. He organizes expedition groups and makes sure we don’t get lost in the rugged jungle of islandcode.
Asya Efremova
Carpenter (Artist)
Asya keeps an eye on our ship so it’s always in good shape and follows latest fashion trends. She is also a skilled cartographer, that brings beautiful maps and illustrations to the table.
Anton Zavrazhnov
Surgeon (Artist)
Anton is a crew physician, who assembles sailors out of body parts and makes sure that they are healthy and look natural.