You stand alone with your crew. You and your beloved ship. Surrounded by vast ocean, left to your own devices with no help from the continent. Set on a daring mission to explore the frontier waters, full of high seas bandits with their privateering licenses, granted by yet another sea power your lords are fighting these days.

We bring you a comprehensive seafaring game, that doesn’t stop at simulating combat but goes far beyond. Below the decks, where sailors live, work and squabble. Into the heart of your captain, full of ideas and ambition. Across the oceans full of islands, reefs and harsh weather. Into the land — full of mysteries and nature’s gifts.

Inspired by great classics: Sid Meier’s Pirates, FTL and Age of Piracy we bring you a fresh coat of paint to the hibernated genre of seafaring RPG.

We bring you — the Maritime Calling.

Stay tuned for more news and update as we delve deeper into what Maritime Calling is all about!

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