We have come a long way with developing Maritime Calling and we believe that now it’s time to include community into development and allow you to help us scale the game. Entering game development scene is never easy for a small indie studio and we need every ounce of support we can get.

Kickstarter campaign for us is an opportunity to measure the interest for the game and help fund continuous development of the game. We are also at a critical point now, when we have finished building game core, but we need your help to go on.

So if you really like what you have been seeing so far (and we have a lot of tricks left in the bag), please consider supporting our game and sharing this game with your friends.

We will be giving away steam keys for alpha version of the game for the backers who support us in the first 48 hours, so don’t miss an opportunity to have an early sneak peek on our game!

The alpha is already live and rolling and has been shared with the media, so you would be able to play it in the next couple weeks!

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