In any seafaring journey the eventual goal is to reach some land, be it a friendly port, hostile fort or some uncharted island waiting to be explored.

Putting a fresh coat of paint to the classic text quest narrative adventure by adding some interactive elements like a drawn map allows us to handcraft stories for every occasion. Every island consists of locations and paths connecting them. Some of them are hidden and can be only discovered through the story-driven exploration.

Every place might hold a secret, be it a valuable resource (tropical fruits, shipworthy timber, wild animals to hunt, gold and iron ore) or a narrative encounter (trap, ambush, shrine, sailors getting fever, shipwrecked sailors, snake biting one of the sailors, native village and many more).

However, land expedition is not just an easy gathering expedition, it’s also a survival challenge. The dense impassable terrain will make your crew sick and tired, hungry and thirsty for food urging you to break a camp and rest.

A good captain is well prepared and by assigning right jobs to the sailors you might alleviate some of the risks during expeditions.

By specializing sailors on gathering resources, combat readiness, supply management and giving them right tools for the job you will increase the longevity of your expedition and make it easier to discover all of the secrets the land holds.

You can wishlish Maritime Calling on Steam.

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