We are delighted to announce that our development cycle is approaching release (on September, 28th) with open beta lasting until the end of the week (August, 29th). You can play beta by hitting «Playtest» on our steam page.

Over the last couple months we worked hard to bring new exciting features to you!

New feature: naval combat

You can now fight real-time naval battles! Enemy ships are fully simulated and operate the same way you do. You will be required to maneuver your ship, fire cannons, watch out for your positioning to get the strongest shots, give captain orders boosting your stats and shoot at specific targets: just sinking enemy ship by destroying it’s hull or destroying their guns so they can’t fight back or demoralizing them and making sure they surrender.

New feature: revamped island expeditions

We gathered feedback regarding ‘kickstarter-campaign-version-islands’ and come up with a better design for expeditions. The islands are now shorter and form a path to the ‘center’ of the island. Every location contains unknown encounter, that is driven by its terrain (like you can find boars on glades or river in the forest). Text encounters are now shorter and more mechanical (with attribute checks and items usage) and crew is back to being the cornerstone of your expedition success.

New workplaces: blacksmith and carpenter

Blacksmith and carpenter play a key role is survival aspect of Maritime Calling. They provide a way of crafting ammunition for naval combat and items for expeditions: axes, cuirasses and muskets.

That’s all for today! We are currently striving for feedback, so if you try out Maritime Calling Beta, please leave your reviews on our community hub.

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